Diana Winkfield

M.A.(hons).Fine Art, A.T.C.(London)

Edinburgh School of Art

Edinburgh University

Cages Confessions Capitals

Solo Exhibition at Piers Feetham Gallery, London

1970s:  On returning to M.K. after University, the ‘City’ was a sea of muddy promises still interspersed with many cornfields. The fields were fired after harvest: from a distance, it was as if the whole world was on fire. My life as a Painter in Milton Keynes is represented by three distinct but interrelated phases, which correspond to the idea of a triptych. DREAMSVILLE U.K. In December 1996 ‘DREAMSVlLLE U.K. was purchased to hang in the Director’s dining room of the West Deutsches Landesbank in Gracechurch Street, London. Diana's work is included in many private and public collections  wordwide. ‘Aviary ’ was purchased by  Milton Keynes Hospital Aviary oil on canvas 214 x 77

The polymorphic work of Diana WINKFIELD arouses curiosity and interest. From subtly watercolored interior painting to enigmatic installations of vestiges of the past, the artist invites us to accompany her in the meanders of her thoughts, in the mysteries of her poetic universe.

The observer is in the company of Diana, we are invited to take an interest in the "no man's land" located between the inside and the outside: a space inhabited by the fantasized presence of beings who lived in these places full of mystery. We are the intruders of a private universe, belonging to the past in a space targeted by the artist, chosen for its evocative power. These drawings and paintings excite our curiosity: who lived in these places? Who was wearing these clothes? And another way to answer it: They are no longer …

A poignant and poetic tribute aiming to identify the "disappeared" human being by what covered and surrounded him, objective testimonials, documentary records to which Diana Winkfield confers her sensitivity and her personal writing.
What fascinates and holds our attention is the attractive power of her installations. Born from the discovery of clothes and underwear of the past, Diana WINKFIELD, stages them, draws them, expresses them.

At first glance, the scenery is disconcerting ... And if we look more closely at the artist we share her "Lepidopterophilia", which, like the butterfly collector, likes to cast his eyes (but also ours) on these corsets, and female mannikins from the past still charged with their bewitching mysteries: Intimate clothing objects still charged with their power of seduction. We like to imagine the character who lived in his clothes - and this is the point, Diana WINKFIELD’s intuitive feat, that of making us imagine ... Fantasize maybe!

Participant of the same emotion, I looked for the silhouette and the face of the child who "haunted" the little apron hanging on a rudimentary hanger ... I looked for the surely elegant and refined silhouette of the woman who "lived" the dress hanging from a hanger in the dim backlight ...

Whether by the presence of the past in his watercolors or by the evocation of what is no longer…, in her installations the artist invites us to share his fascination for the Museums where collections deserted by life are presented . Diana Winkfield's talent lies in her ability to make us imagine, recreate, revive the past by witnessing what it was.

Her fascination with these "still-inhabited clothing items" will be shared with the artist during her exhibition at La Tour where an installation will be presented.

The intelligence and sensitivity of Diana WINKFIELD makes sense of what the poet Lamartine evoked: "Inanimate objects, do you have a soul that attaches to our soul and forces it to love? " 

Daniel Lefranc January 2019